“La vita possibile”: video backstage and extra contents

from the site: www.filmitalia.org

“La vita possibile” is a film about hope, about collections possibility, on women’s strength, the ability to be born and reborn again. Anna and her son Valerio, run away from a man who demolished the love with his own hands. Who beat the woman up to destroy it, and that made his son a closed guy, fragile, full of resentment. Anna should have ended between the columns of a newspaper, a news item in the news, the crushed body of a woman that is in addition to the hundreds of bodies of women every year we gather in our homes, on our streets. Victims of the deception of ill feelings. But Anna will not be there. “The life possible” exists, the way out there. To rebel it is necessary and sometimes it is also a duty. The option is to find a neutral and sweet friend who helps you, a house although small that welcomes you, a job that supports you even harder. A future. Maybe even love. Anna and Valerio know, believe they can return to live and they want it with all their might.


direction: Ivano De Matteo

cast: Margherita Buy, Valeria Golino, Caterina Shulha, Andrea Pittorino, Bruno Todeschini

screenplay: Valentina Ferlan, Ivano De Matteo

cinematography: Duccio Cimatti

editing: Marco Spoletini

scenography: Alessandro Marrazzo

costumes: Valentina Taviani

music: Francesco Cerasi

productor: Marco Poccioni, Marco Valsania

production: Rodeo Drive, Barbary Films, Rai Cinema, con il contributo del MiBACT, in associazione con Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Iren, GTT, con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte

country: Italia/Francia

year: 2016

format: colore

status: In postproduction (06/12/2015)


The backstage videos and extra content are in post-production and will be available during the promotional phase of the film.



The backstage videos and extra content are in post-production and will be available during the promotional phase of the film.