BEAUTY POINT, working having fun

Now, honestly, I have to say that ninety percent of the jobs I did were fun. That is, I enjoy during the preparation, during the realization, during the post production, hardly in the next phase, the one in which you issue an invoice and you have to wait for the infinite delays with almost everyone paying you … But this “is normal”, is part of the game. Beauty Point was a work done with a spirit and a joy that happen a few times, starting with the creative director who enjoyed sabotaging me while I was shooting … it seemed to be children again. So many laughs and the people with whom I shared a part of my career and with whom we had now become friends. From make-up artist to models, to post-production man … Alessandro, Fabiola, Nancy, Fabienne, Lorenzo, Laura, Marica, Barbara … Here are some images of the job and of backstage.