BTS: Behind The Scenes Unit as “Backstage Videomaker”, it’s my natural evolution from static photography to moving images. It is a path that I started in 2015 and that within four years led me to the realization of the BTS for seven different films. The thing that I like most and stimulates me in this new adventure in the world of images is the challenge of bringing my personal sense of photographic composition into moving images.

This is only the first phase of a creative process that for me personally ends and sees its maximum expression with the editing and composition of the music. Making a comparison with the workflow of analogic photography, for me, editing and music are like developing and printing in a darkroom, a decidedly magical place. For the creation of the original music I have the good fortune to collaborate with a friend and composer with whom we have a great harmony in terms of creativity and sensations related to images. For the editing, which I learned on my own, I think it’s the part that gives a sense to the sequence of the images allowing nuances and details combined with camera movements, the type of footage I make, the games of “focus and out of focus” … in short, I have my own style.

Then there is the magic of cinema, of the movie set. In my vision it is like a symphony orchestra where every single element of the crew, the production and the cast corresponds to an instrument or group of instruments. The more everyone works at their best, the greater the quality of daily life on the set as well as, probably, the quality of the movie. It is a very demanding job and for some it is also stressful, but for me, who work behind the scenes, I have the freedom to “stay a little outside and aside from everything” is wonderful. It is a privilege to be a witness to this great machine, where the difference is always given by the human factor, to be able to tell the commitment, the passion, the love of each of the participants.

Personally, in this short career to date, I had the good fortune of being part of several  cinematographic troupe ranging from seventy people to four hundred and fifty people, and believe me, to participate in an organizational machine that for months before filming, for weeks or months during the filming and again months after filming, in which everything works or where the ability to solve problems is immediate and effective, it’s fantastic. It is always a great lesson in life. And then again there is the human factor, being able to meet great people and great professionals, some who have literally made a part of the history of cinema, is always really exciting. A dream come true!

Below the links to the films in which I participated, in a couple also as a backstage and scene photographer as well as bts unit, so double work … But I have to be honest, if on one hand I feel I am a photographer, on the other  my new great love and passion is definitely the BTS videomaker UNIT.

Note: Because of the signed contracts it is not possible for me to show all my work that is protected by very binding usage rights, but you can have an idea. And if you are part of a production, then you can contact me in private to grant a vision of a showreel or a specific work in collaboration and authorization with my clients.


The technical data sheets of the films, with backstage photos, will soon be available online. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.