BVLGARI, about top quality…

Bulgari is an Italian luxury brand known worldwide for its jewelry, watches, perfumes, accessories and leather goods. Most of the design, production and marketing is supervised and performed by Bulgari itself. I worked with the Rome press office and the BGO-BVLGARI GLOBAL OPERATIONS in Neuchatel, Switzerland. I have been commissioned to produce images for hundreds of products for US e-commerce, watch catalogs, product catalogs, press kits, BTL and ATL advertisements. It was a great challenge!The technical level and the required quality standards were at the top, think that only for the type of material, for example of a jewel or a watch, were given references and guidelines to follow scrupulously to align with color and matter . White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, polished, satin, etc. I could count on the collaboration of twelve people, eight in my studio who followed the work chain from the handling of the products to the arrangement on the photographic set, and four people for the post production. So we independently realized the tools that allowed the client and the agency that was in charge of the creative direction to be able to monitor our work live. Two websites: one for logistics and the traceability of in-out product shipments, and the other to indicate corrections on the photo shoot and post-production through an online interface with secure / confidential access. Simple tools and essential in the graphics and usable for functionality, in short, tools for professionals, not aimed at the public. It was a very formative experience, of great satisfactions and gratifications. Here are some example screenshots of the website for the work status of the products, and some images made for the various jobs.