“Divorce in Las Vegas”

Synopsis: At eighteen Lorenzo (Gian Paolo Morelli) and Elena (Andrea Delogu) met during a study holiday in America. She’s the beauty of the bunch, he’s the boring nerd. The last day of vacation, under the influence of lysergic substances, they marry as a challenge in Las Vegas, then they lose sight of each other for twenty years. Today Elena is a career manager and Lorenzo is a transversal ghost writer: he writes speeches for politicians from all sides. Lorenzo and Elena would never have met again if she weren’t going to marry one of the richest men in Italy, Gian Andrea Bertolini (Gian Marco Tognazzi). Except that to do so she has to secretly return to Las Vegas with Lorenzo and get a divorce. A bureaucratic hassle that will turn instead into an odyssey of feelings and twists.

direction: Umberto Carteni

cast: Giampaolo Morelli, Andrea Delogu, Ricky Memphis, Grazia Schiavo, Gian Marco Tognazzi, Luca Vecchi

screenplay: Alessandro Pondi, Paolo Logli, Riccardo Irrera, Mauro Graiani

cinematography: Emanuele Zarlenga

art direction: Fabrizio De luca

costumes: Alessandra Trippetta

producers: Marco Poccioni, Marco Valsania

production: Rodeo Drive, Rai Cinema

distribution: 01 Distribution [Italia]