EDILIZIA MODERNA, a story of redemption and inclusion…

Arben Shpata, the founder of EDILIZIA MODERNA has been a friend for 20 years. I had the opportunity to closely follow his history in Italy made up of hard work and sacrifices. Together with his brother Behar they started literally from nothing, after 20 years they can boast of having set up building renovation companies with great success. Works done in high quality residential and commercial construction. For me, they are an example of tenacity and determination, and above all of human and social redemption, thinking above all of the lives they saved by giving work to many people of different nationalities and allowing them to build a new life in Italy. An example to follow, for many who here do nothing but judge, criticize, hate and sow poison. (For both I take care of catalogs and websites).

EDILIZIA MODERNA srl is a company that operates in the field of private and commercial construction. But there is also more, it is a story … “Made of redemption and inclusion. It is a story made up of people. Albania, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Ukraine, Romania have been the lands of origin of our employees for fifteen years. The “Edilizia Moderna” studio with its offices and meeting room is also a reference place where, in addition to meeting for business meetings, we shared our thoughts, points of view, human experiences. In presenting the “2020 catalog” I want to share these considerations with you because Edilizia Moderna is a story of growth and success thanks to these people. It is a team, a family. And this aspect makes the difference for us, it allows us to work in an atmosphere of collaboration, of mutual respect. The different skills allow you to start construction sites by providing different work teams that alternate according to the progress of the work. Being punctual with deliveries if not even in advance comes naturally to us and we like it, it gratifies us. Receiving the compliments of our customers is the meaning of our work, helping to make people happy with our interventions is the aspect that interests us most. And it’s always a pleasure.