EMI & EVE, Recycle Bombs

The founder of Emi & Eve, Cassandra Postema, graduated in fashion and textile design from Central St. Martin’s College in London. Then a trip to Cambodia changed her life and gave her the right inspiration to create a brand characterized by excellence in design, innovation and social responsibility. Our history is linked to that of some Cambodian families that we now know to the point of considering them our family. They are the real heart of Emi & Eve. We strive to support female bomb disposal officers in particular. We believe in the power of beauty that rises from ashes. By transforming bombs and bullets into jewels, we support the reclamation of Cambodian territories, we contribute to the growth of the economy and to revive the ancient artisan tradition. By building a synergy between the use of waste materials and giving work to those who want to rebuild their lives, we create luxury with a unique value. Because true luxury is sustainable.