It was my first time at the Venice Film Festival, so before leaving I was very curious and even a little intimidated to find myself in a situation that I could not know what could have reserved me. I had the privilege of being part of the delegation of the movie WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS (of which I made the Behind the Scene) as an official videomaker of IERVOLINO ENTERTAINMENT. But when I arrived, apart from the magic of Venice that embraces you as soon as you arrive , everything happened very quickly. Consider that everything is scheduled by the minute, for each individual member of the delegation. Movements, logistics, appointments, who does what and where and when. Then multiplied this by the whole delegation on the one hand, and throughout the organizational, security, products and services of the festival. A “war machine” comes out in terms of organization and logistics. Very interesting and beautiful to see. Then there’s the audience, the fans, the curious … And at the end, including a press conference, a film screening, a director’s dinner, a pre-projection cocktail, a gala dinner, a party, after the party you find yourself in the middle of hundreds of people in the throes of great emotions and feelings. For me personally this was one of the most beautiful things about this experience. Then of course there are various kinds of rewards: meeting many of the people with whom I brought two months of a film set in Morocco, being able to greet and embrace and then also great food, excellent wine, beauties to watch and see. For me they were three very beautiful and intense days, but honestly, in the end I prefer the set …