The De Sanctis Foundation was founded in 2007 on the initiative of the architect Francesco De Sanctis, great-grandson of the literary critic following the acquisition of a family legacy consisting of the personal archive and the library of the illustrious ancestor. The goal of the Foundation is to make this important legacy the starting point for a cultural project that intends to actualize the work and thought of Francesco De Sanctis as a collective heritage and make it a living and contemporary subject, not only nationally but also in Europe . With this perspective, the Foundation makes the international dissemination of Italian literary, philosophical and artistic identity its main mission, with particular attention to its southern roots and an always careful look at the present and European cultural realities that from those same roots are developed.

The Foundation’s initiatives are hosted in highly prestigious institutions, and I am personally charged by the Foundation to produce photographic reports of the various events. Each time, in addition to the representatives of the political and institutional establishment, a representative of the world of culture and art is invited to read a text, or perform a performance … It is a great opportunity to visit places that are generally not open to the public…THE GRAPES OF WRATH, JOHN STEINBECK:

Institutional greetings:
Dr. Marina Battaglini, Director of the Library of Archeology and History of Art
Dr. Francesco De Sanctis, President of the De Sanctis Foundation
Roberto Moneta, Chief Executive Officer, Manager of Energy Services
Dr. Alessandro Pajno, President emeritus of the Council of State of the Italian Republic
Hon. Carla Ruocco, President of the VI Commission (Finance) of the Chamber of Deputies

Emanuele Trevi, literary critic and writer
Leonardo Colombati, Journalist and writer

Massimo Popolizio, actor