MY PALLETS, wood recycling…

At one point I started to want to do something with my hands, so why not recycle wood?!? I mean that I started doing it and I continue to do it as a hobby, I happened to give things, few to sell them, but the spirit remains that. By recycling I mean different processes with different starting pieces. So it can be a wall unit, a bookcase, a table, a dog kennel, a headboard for a bed … I’m not a professional, I don’t have the skills but I manage and enjoy myself. I am also quite coarse in working with structures, though, even in their “ugliness”, I like these things. I really like the idea of returning “a life” and a dignity to objects that are destined for rubbish. It has become a fashion for a long time now, but I think it is a healthy fashion, after all the recycling is a form of respect for mother earth, even if done in the small … Here are some of the achievements made.

The processing

Processing is the part in which I enjoy the most, the phase in which an object changes its intended use, in which the imagination is free to express itself. It is very relaxing, and then there is a detail that I really like, when you work with wood and remove the layer of dirt and old, the wood begins to smell again, shades of tree and resin … fantastic!