MINDFULNESS, the door to another dimension.

from Wikipedia: “Awareness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the experiences that occur in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and through other training. Awareness also implies acceptance, in the sense that we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings without judging them, without believing, for example, that there is a “right” or “wrong” way of thinking or feeling at a given moment “.

Until today, year 2019, I can say that I have made a wonderful, very intense life path. I made my mistakes, I had my difficulties, I touched that deep point where everything seems to no longer make sense, yet, I had the opportunity to choose to become aware, to exercise the power of free will. At one point I chose to be grateful for the things that made me feel bad, because in reality those things … are wonderful signs that say, wake up, change, love, forgive, share, be grateful. And when you start to repeat these things to yourself, with discipline, when you begin to make new choices, to choose to be kind and smiling, regardless of who you face … then you are ready. You are ready to enter a new dimension and all the divine that is in front of us is manifested in the most absolute splendor. Get in touch with the creation … It’s easy ? No. Is it immediate? No. Is there a risk of falling into old habits and old thinking patterns? Unfortunately yes! When you begin this journey you must have the awareness that we find ourselves with decades of bad habits and bad thought patterns that are not easy to unhinge. The discipline, the choice to be aware every day slowly, allows to install “new programs” in the brain. It is a new and long path and I was lucky enough to be stimulated by a wonderful person who has been with me for a few years, requires to be courageous and at the same time a bit crazy to start believe in new concepts, new approaches. But the change is real! Personally I am absolutely convinced that they should teach awareness and meditation from the early years of childhood, school … within a generation this world would have an unimaginable evolution. I will share my feelings and points of view over time. I want to share this information with you because she is a special person, and if anyone could be curious or feel the need to have a chat with her, I’m sure she will be available. She is Annalisa Ponti, self-empowerment coach and mentor and RTT rapid transformational therapist. Here are some words about the presentation on her website:

“I am here to honor my life and yours. I have two strong believers: the first is that of the planet we live on is simply wonderful, and the second is my life offers me unique opportunities to contribute, through my gifts and talents , to a higher quality of life for everyone. When you are strangled by your concerns, limitations and insecurities, you aren’t free to live your life fully and you can’t contribute to a better world. I am not capable of remaining indifferent to the suffering of any living being. Some years ago, I found myself interested in studying the reasons for pain, the meaning of death and the mystery of our beautiful minds. I understood that pain is an inevitable experience on this planet, but suffering is not. Most of the time is a self-inflicted experience. Psychological suffering due to the body reflects what the mind experiences. Ailments and illnesses are, in many cases, the final symptom of an inner discomfort that the heart and mind can no longer contain. Curing the “inside” makes the “outside” symptom disappear “.

This is the link to her website: https://annalisaponti.com/