Nissan Sports Adventure THE QUEST is a television program based on a multidisciplinary sporting event conceived and produced by Minimega srl. With THE QUEST, the Nissan brand is strengthened in the cluster of practicing athletes, active families and supporters of dynamic life through a massive presence on the territory, tridimensionalizing the communication of the NISSAN Crossover range focused on the claim “PASSIONE PIU’ AVVENTURA”, and proposing at the same time television content to be broadcast on every type of television platform.The technical production of the series was curated by SATOR INTERNATIONAL GROUP. For a few years I worked with them covering different roles according to the needs of the moment. In particular, I worked in glidecam filming (video stabilization system similar to the most famous steadicam), commercial photography and video editing. For the NISSAN-THE QUEST series I have always dealt with glidecam filming. The presenters were Jury Chechi (Olympic gold Olympic gymnastics Atlanta 1996) and Antonio Rossi (double Olympic gold in the canoe / kayak at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics and an Olympic gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics).The focus of each episode was on the practice of an extreme sport, so I found myself shooting at the limit of my possibilities but one episode in particular put me to the limit, an adventure I will never forget, so I used all of “the madness” at my disposal, in short, I had to live up to the madman I was following …It was a skier who descended on a wall of the Etna volcano in Sicily on solidified lava. There are three images that tell this experience very well, the rest are memories of a very funny period in which I had the opportunity to travel with a very amusing team of fools.

Here some backstage from the different episodes…