The De Sanctis Prize intends to fill a gap and bring to the attention of the wider public a genre that today, moreover, is affirming itself, in its cognitive energy and its formal flexibility, non-fiction. Unlike the novel, which often turns out to be inadequate to its original mission of knowledge and criticism of reality, non-fiction is today a completely new “case” in Italy, which is worth observing. Each year the Prize identifies a text that profoundly innovates in the technique and contents of the genre itself. The first edition of the De Sanctis Prize was held on 6 October 2009 with the support of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. Among the winners of the last editions: Massimo Cacciari for “Hamletica”; Giulio Ferroni for “Ariosto”; Stefano Agosti for “The French novel of the 19th century”; GianLuigi Beccaria for “Misticanze”; Piero Boitani for “The Gospel according to Shakespeare”; Pietro Citati for “Leopardi”; Enzo Golino for “History and Lady Writing”; Silvio Perrella for “Introduction to Saba”; Carlo Ossola for “Introduction to the divine comedy”; Ermanno Rea for “Io reporter”; Giulio Guidorizzi for “the Greek Myth”; Giorgio Napolitano for “Europe, politics and passion”, Gustavo Zagrebelsky for “Rights to force” Einaudi 2017. The award ceremony of the ninth edition of the De Sanctis Prize will be held on Thursday 3 October 2019 at 6 pm, in the prestigious Villa Doria Pamphilj in Rome, the institutional residence of the Prime Minister, in the presence of the President of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati and the Minister of education Lorenzo Fioramonti .