ROME MARATHON, run, run and run…

A few years after the film “PUROSANGUE”, I was contacted by the press office of the Rome Marathon for the realization of a photographic reportage to the professional athletes of the “leading group”. Now, consider that the most recent record, that of 2019 by the Ethiopian Heyi Tebalu Zawude is 2h 08’37 “, well. Consider being seated upside down on a motorcycle that for two hours precedes the leading group, guess who arrives more exhausted to the end of the marathon between athletes and myself … Also because they were very well prepared and trained while for me traveling on a motorcycle on the contrary has never been an activity that I have taken into consideration … I do not talk in details on which parts of the body made me suffer for days …. 🙂 On that occasion, on the pre-race day, with the Purosangue team, Max Monteforte, Nico Pannevis, Katia Vinciguerra and the director of the movie Virginio Favale we made a shooting of portraits of the athletes for a new project. Here are some pictures of the two days, the pre-race and the marathon which is always a great show in the heart of the eternal city.

The pre-race day

It was a lot of fun to meet the athletes and make the portraits with them for the new PUROSANGUE project. We really had funny time, in particular I remember with great affection two marathon runners: the Ethiopian Rehima Tusa and the Lebanese Katia Rached, who was an improvised photographer, she did two thousand selfies and smiled so much. Two fantastic girls, top runners and very sweet at the same time. It was fortunate to meet them.