SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2015, a great satisfaction…

Ego is always a bad beast, for everyone. It is one of the evils of this era. But I believe that sometimes it is legitimate to exult for a satisfaction and a gratification, in this case professional, that comes from being noticed by an international jury composed of people I have never seen or known.. I know what sacrifices and energies I used to make these images, and especially in what dark period of my life. So, after signing up for this contest, on the pressure and suggestion of a friend of mine, I thought everything less than receiving an e-mail like this … It was a good sign, and life is full of signals …

“Dear Pierre, many congratulations on being selected for the professional shortlist in the Arts & Culture category at the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards. Your work has been selected from 173,444 images from 171 countries, the highest number of entries in the awards’ eight year history..  This is an incredible achievement. Your success will be announced globally to the media at 00.01 GMT onTuesday 24th February.  It is crucial you keep all details of your success confidential until this time”.
Daria Albano
Production Assistant


For me, it was already a great victory, a great recognition and personal gratification after 30 years dedicated to photography! Being selected for the shortlist of the Sony World Photography Awards 2015, a professional competition organized by Sony worldwide, in the “Art & Culture” category, given the number of participants and the photos that showed the highest level, is a great honor, a wonderful professional recognition of international caliber. But not only for me, for Italian photography, writes Senior PR Manager Jill Cotton: “There are 19 Italian photographers on this year’s list, so it’s a great success for Italian photography”. This is good for photography, and for those who have received this initial recognition. Personally it is already a victory and a great satisfaction, which I share with those who have made this adventure “GISELLE” possible. Thank you!

The images selected for the competition.