THE SHIFT, a new beginning…

There comes a time in life when you make a balance of your lived life, and of what you hope can still be lived. For me it makes no sense to be imprisoned in the ghosts of the past and in concerns for the future. Here and now, this is my salvation. But I felt the need, to make physical and psychological space for the new. So I decided to throw away most of the things I had to have the essentials with me. It was my need, my choice. I asked a young and good photographer to shoot this ritual, Martina Di Carlo. It was an exciting and very liberating day. It was a further step towards the beginning of a different life, with different choices, different ways of thinking, a true rebirth. I like the idea of being able to share a gesture that for somebody could result so crazy, but that actually reminds you of how we are uselessly attached to material things that ultimately have no reason to burden life …Below are photos of Martina’s project, which was free to interpret everything in its own way. Then there are the images taken during the day.