This circle has also closed, in the best way. With RODEO DRIVE I am in the third film as a still photographer and or BTS UNIT. Also in this case it is about gratitude, especially towards the executive producer, Francesca Di Donna, who was the first person to give me confidence and a great opportunity to my first job in the film industry, in 2015. Then there are of course other people, Marco Poccioni, Giuseppina Tomba and the other members of the Production who have always treated me with great kindness. Each film and each set constitute a unique and unrepeatable story, certainly an opportunity for important life lessons and very interesting meetings. What fascinates me most are the personal dynamics, it is natural that in times ranging from four to six to eight or more weeks, relationships of friendship are also created.

Genre: Comedy / Year: 2019 / Directed by: Alessandro Pondi / Actors:  Enrico Brignano, Ilaria Spada, Paola Minaccioni, Maurizio Lombardi, Gabriele Lustri, Giorgio Colangeli,  Monica Vallerini, Daniela Terreri, Giordano Di Cola, Rossella Brescia, Paolo Sassanelli /  Country: Italy /  Distribution: 01 Distribution / Screenplay: Alessandro Pondi, Paolo Logli, Riccardo Irrera, Mauro Graiani / Photography: Ramiro Civita / Editing: Marco Spoletini / Production: Rodeo Drive with Rai Cinema

Below are some images of the evening of the preview of the film, some still images and other backstage images.