VAID, a work in Cinecittà Studios

Vaid Japan: it was a very fun and interesting job. A group of friends and colleagues with whom we had to create a catalog in record time for delivery requirements and customer presentation to the Japanese market. The challenge was to represent the made in Italy by combining art and jewelry. Among the various proposals presented, the one that most liked was the use of classical sculptures wearing jewels. Of course it was impossible to go to a museum or art gallery that would never have allowed the use of sculptures for commercial purposes, so, after a series of inspections to “study” the sculptures in different museums and art galleries, we found a craft workshop in the Cinecittà studios, one of the historical ones that have been part of the history of cinema, with Fellini, Antonioni, etc … Technically it was a question of creating the images of the sculptures in Cinecittà as first location, then the still life on a white background and the images of the jewels to be inserted on the sculptures, like if they were worn. A lot of effort, absurd hours, different nights of work, a fantastic team and lots of fun. Here are some of the images taken and a couple of backstage pictures.