VIVO BALLET,  a new dance company…

For Vivo Ballet I worked on creating the photographic and video images of the institutional advertising campaign on the web, that is, material for the company’s website and for the various social media used for the promotion. I have known Enzo Celli for many years and we have had the opportunity to express mutual respect for various projects. “His artistic activity, both as a choreographer and as a teacher, has developed particularly in New York, where he currently lives. He is credited in the choreographic panorama of contemporary New York dance, receiving acclaim from both the public and American critics. In 2013, Enzo Celli, along with Igal Perry, Ohad Naharin, Dwight Rhoden and Sidra Bell, authored the thirtieth anniversary of the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company directed by Igal Perry. Even though Celli has codified a structured language in the grammar of contemporary dance, it is in the use of a “simple gesture” that touches the typical tips of the poetic one that made him so loved by the public. The work of Enzo Celli, all focused on Man, was immediately developed towards the search for an uncommon “poetics of dance”, aimed at a Humanism that often led him to treat sociological themes in his works”. Below are some images taken during the preparatory phase of the filming for the Vivo Ballet promo.