Time for pizza, chapter one…

Together, as you know, I have been using Tigre, my sourdough for the past four years. And just as for bread I enjoy preparing pizzas in company. For the process, I enjoy mixing different types of flour, type 0, type 1 or type 2; they can be “important” stone-ground, wholemeal or semi-wholemeal flours … but for those who know me, they know that I don’t like exasperation or extremism even in the kitchen. So without a precise rule, my sourdough is the result of years of refreshments with different types of flour. For the preparation of the pizza I usually make two “balls” that I let levitate for two-three-four hours. Then I roll out the dough and I get between seven and nine pizzas of different sizes. The game with friends is that I make pizzas and they have fun with the toppings. And respecting everyone and their different personal tastes, they range from super-vegetarian and colorful pizzas to pizzas a little more “slutty” with salami, fruit and cheeses … In short, as always, space for imagination and fun, always with a great love for the color compositions … yum yum …

Preparation with Tigre sourdough

The toppings

The result